Waging war against tasteless, 

overpriced vegetables, by

teaching you to grow your own!


Update 03/06/10: If you are a first time visitor to this site, please take some time to poke around and explore. tick tick tick. O.k., now that you have, the following should not surprise either long time visitors, or you new folks; in fact, all y'all should think that this makes perfect sense: Last fall we bought and moved to a 60 acre farm in rural Mississippi. Of course we did. 

This in no way devalues the information, arguments, and opinion here on this site. No matter where I live, YOU SHOULD GROW YOUR OWN VEGGIES. That I now live in Mississippi it is a tad more difficult for 1) me to come to your garden site and 2) you to pay me actual cash money to help plan, plant, & grow your own.

(Aside, b/c since you've poked around, you know how much I love statistics &c. So can you come up with places that have more repeating letters than C-I-N-C-I-N-N-a-T-T-I and m-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I? For it's simplicity, O-h-i-O counts.)

I am happy to say that my garden-- indeed the whole house-- in Northside was bought by a fellow Northside gardener, Karen, who's active in Northside stuff. I am happy to tell you that there's a guy named Tim-- whose contact info I have lost, but who sits at the front end of the bar at Northside Tavern on Friday evenings-- who I bet you could pay to do on-site consultation & planning. I'm happy to tell you that Al at Funkie's, on Grey Road, can help you.

And I am very happy to tell you that I can still help if you want to email me.

My idea of the Northside Guerilla Farmer was never to do it for you-- as in community supported agriculture-- but rather to teach you to do it yourself. It ain't rocket science, it ain't neuroscience, it ain't all that freaking hard. I remind you that your grandmas & grandpas, who did not have internet access, among other "smart planet" things, managed to successfully survive long enough to procreate-- "make" your moms & dads, who in turn, and rather unfortunately, taught you to think celery comes from the grocery store, rather than from the garden.

Do it yourself. (Isn't it wonderful that there's a certain oomph to this statement?)

Email me if you need help.

Who is the Northside Guerilla Farmer?

I am! I live in Northside, and I teach folks in Cincinnati how to plan, plant, and tend a productive home vegetable garden, and how to preserve its bounty. If you want a veggie garden just like Grandma used to have, now's the time to get growing!

Hope to hear from y'all soon,


Of all the things we teach our children, 

isn't one of the most important 

how to feed themselves?

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