These are garlic chives growing in the perennial bed. Garlic chives have been used as an ornamental for years, but are a truly excellent substitute for chives. They give salads and soups a nice little hint of garlic. They're used a lot in oriental cooking, especially soups.


$25/hour or barter


1 hour consultation = $25

1 hour planning = $25 

1 hour preparing the plot = $25

1 hour planting = $25

1 hour tending =$25


How much will you spend on my services? Hard to say in advance of meeting you & your garden. Most plans take between 2-6 hours to develop (and I always short-change me, not you). The rest will be obvious. If we are talking and digging and planting together for one hour, it will cost $25.

I'd be a pretty bad teacher if you have to keep paying me $25/hr., month after month, year after year.  I'm trying to teach you to fish, errr I mean grow veggies, not grow them for you.

See Detailed Services for more information about how you & The Northside Guerilla Farmer work together.
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