Eggplant. Yuck. Mushy, hard to keep, turns colors. All correct if you buy eggplant at the store or market. The best eggplant-- tasty and firm and crisp-- travels the entire distance from your garden to your kitchen the morning before you have it for supper. Freezes well, too! 

Q: Can I grow "southern veggies?"

A: YES! (No kidding, this is THE most frequently asked question.)


Q: I live in an apartment. Can I grow veggies in pots?

A: YES! Herbs. Tomatoes. Peppers. Potatoes! Sprouts. Squash. Microgreens. Cabbage. The list goes on & on. 


Q: Doesn't a garden take a lot of time?

A: Yes. At times. But not all of the time. I teach you how to grow a time-efficient garden. It's all time worth spent when you remember why you have a veggie garden.


Q: I tried. But the deer came. Is there anything I can do about them?

A: YES. Really. I live across from Mt. Airy Forest. I know.

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