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Tastes better!


Guerilla Farming Philosophy 101:

 "No crime is involved in plagiarizing 

nature's ways" 

Edward H. Faulkner, Plowman's Folly (1943). 


Guerilla Farming Philosophy 102:

Each of has us reasons-- motivations-- for wanting to grow our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Motivations stem from what we care about. If we don't care about eating tasty food, we'll stock our freezers with flimsy cardboard boxes. If we don't care about getting sick, we'll take our chances on tomatoes irrigated with who-knows-what. If we don't care about having a choice in what we cook for supper tonight, we'll let someone sitting at 'headquarters' in Bentonville, AK decide what kind of dried beans we'll have. If we don't care about being able to feed ourselves and our families, well... maybe Nanny will feed us pablum with a silver spoon.

I do care about these things. I suspect you do, too!

Caring is a start. We have choices, we make decisions, we act. Acting in ways that reflect what we care about empowers us. Acting in ways that reflect what we care about lets us flourish and live happy fulfilled lives.

That's a philosophy that's about 2500 years old. I'm sticking with it.

Zinnias were my dad's favorite flower. They are an important part of my vegetable garden. Behind the zinnias is a banana squash.

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